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Why I Became an Adobe CC Subscriber

Written by Paul Ustanny on . Posted in My Tools, Software

I saw the ad promoting Adobe’s Photography Package after I downloaded and installed the updated plugin for Adobe Flash earlier today. It really grabbed my attention for two reasons, the contrast between the colorful paint coming out of the hat and the background and the price ($9.99/month). The layout is simple clean and effective, I love it. As such, I thought I would share it with you and use the opportunity to talk a little about their transition to the subscription-based business model why I became a subscriber.

Ready to Go

Written by Paul Ustanny on . Posted in Education and Certification, My Work

This is my first post here on my work blog at I’ve been planning to do this for a while, however I’m just getting around to it. The truth is, I have never had the time to pay much attention to my personal projects while working on full-time contracts because I get so focused on what I’m doing (lost in my work) that I ignore everything else (unfortunately), including my education, family, friends, etc. However, I’m trying to change that. Going forward, I would like to be more balanced in whatever I do.